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Welcome to the RADMA (Research and Development Management) website. This site contains information about education and research activities in the field of research technology and innovation management including funding opportunities, an opportunity to become part of the RADMA Association, details of R&D Management Conferences, how to subscribe or publish in the journal R&D Management and links to summer schools, workshops and other events.

RADMA is focused on the needs of researchers, practitioners and students of research technology and innovation management. It is closely associated with the R&D Management journal and conferences.  

RADMA is a small UK charity registered number 4757596.  It is co-proprietor, along with WileyBlackwell, of the R&D Management Journal.  Proceeds from Journal sales are the source of funds for the grants offered by RADMA.

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Latest News

  • Doctoral Studies Programme 2015

    Opening date for the next funding round is 1st November 2014, closing date is 28th February 2015.  This award provides up to three years funding to prospective or mid-study PhD students attending a UK university.  

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  • Student PhD completion

    RADMA is pleased to announce that Imoh Ilevbare has successfully completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge: "An investigation into the treatment of uncertainty and risk in roadmapping: a framework and a practical process."  RADMA was privileged to support Imoh's third year of study and wishes him well for the future.

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  • Events

    11th European Network on the Economics of the Firm (ENEF) Meeting, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, Manchester Business School, UK - 11th and 12th September 2014 - The (co)evolution of firms and industries: theoretical analyses and empirical contributions.  Please see https://research.mbs.ac.uk/innovation/Newsevents/ENEFConference2014.aspx.

    EIASM - 24th European Doctoral Summer School on Technology Management -"Innovation and Technology Management Research and Publishing" - Leuven, Belgium, 15-19 September 2014.  Only PhD students who are well ahead in their second PhD year are eligible for participation in this workshop.  Registration no later than 30 June 2014.  www.eiasm.org/frontoffice/eden_announcement.asp?event_id=1056.

    ASIALICS 2014 - 11th Asia Association for Learning, Innovation and Co-evolution Studies International Conference, Korea, 25-27 September 2014. Please see  http://www.asialics.or.kr/ for more information.

    The ISPIM Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum will be held in Singapore on 7-10 December 2014, in collaboration with Singapore Management University.  Call for papers is now open and the full text can be downloaded at http://bit.ly/1dAop9J.  Deadline for submissions is 12 September 2014 and details on how to submit, as well as other information on the event, can be found at: http://bit.ly/1bWyRnf.

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  • Postgraduate Student Project Support Funding

    May 2014 Review - Funding award to Jacobus Renken, University of Manchester, towards travel and communication expenses involved in his PhD research: Champions of ICT4D Innovations: their orientation to results, relationships and resources.

    November 2013 Review - £1000 awarded to Sara Hajnassiri, Dept. of Engineering, Cambridge University, towards travel, accommodation and miscellaneous expenses involved in her PhD research "Measuring Design Performance."   £990 to David Johnson, University of Edinburgh Business School, towards travel and accommodation expenses involved in his PhD research: "Regenerative Medicine Venturing: The Development of Collaborative Capabilities Under Uncertainty."   £1000 awarded to Juliet Ongwae, School of Environment, University of Manchester, towards travel expenses involved in her PhD research: "Participation in Mobile Money Innovation in Developing Countries."

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  • Doctoral Studies Awards 2014/15

    Xiuqin Li, Manchester Business School, PhD: An exploration of how "open R&D" influences the innovation process in R&D services firms.

    Ambra Mazzelli, Lancaster University, PhD:  How strategic objectives and actions affect value creation through its influence on decisions concerning technology and innovation management in SME's.

    Antonius H. van den Broek, University of the Arts, London, PhD: Strategy development in digital design firms.

    Bing Bing Ge, Lancaster University, PhD:  Family involvement and innovation in SME's: a human resource management perspective.

    Nitish Gupta, Cambridge University, PhD: Establishing links to technology, product and business in the process of project assessment and portfolio balancing.

    Doctoral Studies Awards 2013/14

    Mohammad Yasser Darvizeh, Manchester Business School, PhD title: "Dynamic capabilities in new product development and its effect on firms' performance."

    Anna Walker, Manchester Business School, PhD title: "A multilevel investigation into the psychology of Front End innovation."

    Xingkun Liang, Cambridge University, PhD title: "PhD title: "Insight into the international R&D network - understanding and designing global innovation network."

    Xia Meng, University of Bath, PhD title: "The application of forecasting methods in companies and other organisations."

    Hyunwook Hwangbo, Lancaster University, PhD title: "An examination of how approaches to product design differ nationally by examining organisational cultures: a study of East and West."

    Marc Szepan, Oxford University, PhD title: "M&A Strategy, Latecomer Firms and Acquisition Integration."

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  • Postgraduate Student Conference Funding

    April 2014 Review Awards:

    Frank Dzokoto, Loughborough University, towards conference fees, travel, subsistence and accommodation involved in presenting his paper: “Conceptualising actors’ information behaviour: an investigation into project information dynamics” at the 30th Annual Conference of Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM) being held in Portsmouth, September 2014; Natalia Kudryashova, Cambridge University, towards conference fees, travel, subsistence and accommodation involved in presenting her paper: “The market of Internet sponsored links in the context of competition law: can modelling help?” at the 23rd International World Wide Web Conference held in Seoul, Korea in April 2014; Simon Milewski, York University, towards conference fees, travel and subsistence involved in presenting his paper: “Exploring open process innovation in large manufacturing firms: framework development and empirical investigation” at the 21st EurOMA Conference – Operations Management in an Innovation Economy - being held in Perlermo, Italy, in June 2014;  Isimemeh Osagie, Strathclyde University, towards conference fees, travel and subsistence involved in presenting his paper: Organisational agility and the business process conundrum: is reconfiguration the answer?” at the European Operations Management Association Conference being held in Perlermo, Italy, in June 2014;  Katia Oliveira Pina, Manchester University, towards conference fees, travel, subsistence and accommodation involved in presenting her paper: “The influence of knowledge types and location on the innovative behaviours of KIBS” at the DRUID Academy Conference held in Aalborg, Denmark, in January 2014;  Stefania Sansoni, Strathclyde University, towards conference fees involved in presenting her paper: “The aesthetics of prosthetic design: from theory to practice” at the 13th International Design Conference held in Dubrovnik in May 2014;  Ka Wai Shiu, King’s College, London, towards conference fees, travel, subsistence and accommodation involved in presenting his paper: “The mythical implications of technology to ethical decisions of entrepreneurs” at the Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship (SEE) Conference held in Denver, Colorado in May 2014;  Man Hang Yip, Cambridge University, towards travel and subsistence involved in presenting her papers: “Characterising product-service systems in the healthcare industry” and “The influence of product and service ratio on stakeholder interaction in software system development” at the Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET ’14) to be held in Kanazawa, Japan, in July 2014.

    October 2013 Review Awards:  £500 awarded to JR Gamage, Strathclyde university, towards fees, travel and accommodation involved in presenting his paper: "What Makes Cleaning a Costly Operation in Remanufacturing" at the 11th Global Conference for Sustainable Manufacturing held in Berlin in September 2013.

    £298 awarded to Sophie Payne-Gifford, Reading university, towards fees and accommodation involved in her presentation: "Innovation Systems Analysis to Take Advantage of the Regulatory Opportunity Presented by 1107/2009 - Placing Plant Protection Products on the Market" at the IPM Conference in Lincolnshire in October 2013.

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  • Articles of Interest

    A new issue of ISPIM magazine is now available.  The six new articles in issue 3/2013 are:

    Big Thinking in Innovation by Tamara Carleton, Innovation, Leadership Board, LLC, William Cockayne, Stanford University, and Andreas Larsson, Lund University http://bit.ly/13hxVZW.

    When Users Take Control: Managing the Dark Side of Customer Co-Creation by Alexandra Gatzweiler, Vera Blazevic, and Frank T. Piller, RWTH Aachen http://bit.ly/13hxZJq.

    Quebec Seeks Solutions: Solving Real Business Problems with Local Open Innovation by Christophe Deutsch, R&D Manager at Telops & Co-founder at Seeking Solutions http://bit.ly/17OWVJL.

    Jazz-style Improvisation in New Product Development (including a video interview) by Gerrit A. de Waal, Swinburne University, and Paul Knott, University of Canterbury http://bit.ly/18r3qSz.

    Design for Participation by Pascal Finette, Director, Office of the Chair, Mozilla http://bit.ly/1clrQnS.

    When Innovation Management Means Invention Management (including a vedeo interview) by Leonid Chechurin, Principal Engineer at Samsung Electronics http://bit.ly/13hy93i.

    The ISPIM Magazine offers insight and informed opinion on Innovation Management from industry, academic, consulting and policy-making perspectives with a global coverage. The ISPIM Magazine is freely available at http://magazine.ispim.org. It is edited by Helena Forsman, Professor at the University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland.

    InnovationTools.com and InnovationManagement.se are now part of the Global Innovation Network, sharing knowledge, best practices, tools and related resources among innovation practitioners.  Visit http://tinyurl.com/cmlxmx9 for more details.

    Kickstarting Innovation:  In a world that's moving faster and faster, Kickstarter founder Yancey Strickler's advice to the industry is to slow down, dig deep, and craft a story about what truly matters.  Visit http://www.thinkwithgoogle.co.uk/quarterly/people/yancey-strtickler-kickstarter.html.

    New book outlines 50 serial innovators and how they develop novel products.  "Serial Innovators: How Individuals Create and Deliver Breakthrough Innovations in Mature Firms" (Raymond Price and Bruce Vojak).  Visit http://engineering.illinois.edu/news/2012/06/04/new-book-outlines-care-and-feeding-“serial-innovatorsâ€??goback=.gde_56751_member_121704098.

    Vitae and Naturejobs have launched 'What do research staff do next?' 

    This project explores the careers of researchers who used to be employed as research staff in UK or European universities (as research staff, postdoctoral researchers or on fellowships) and then moved into other occupations. It will provide an invaluable insight into potential employment opportunities for research staff considering moving out of higher education.  If you are a former researcher and would like to share your experiences then please do so by taking the survey: www.surveymonkey.com/s/wdrsdn. You can also Tweet, using #postacstory.


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Recent Funding Opportunities

Doctoral Studies Programme

Opening: 1st November 2014
Closing: 28th February 2015
This award provides up to three years funding to talented prospective or mid-study PhD students, offering an opportunity to concentrate on the studentship for the period of the award.  The expectation is that candidates will have a Masters degree in a relevant field or an excellent first degree or equivalent.  Candidates will be expected to complete yearly progress reports and to make a copy of their thesis available to RADMA upon its completion. To be eligible for funding candidates must be accepted for PhD study at a UK university.  Applications must be supported by the candidate’s PhD supervisor.  Awards will be granted to and administered through the institution, not individual candidates.  The award will cover costs related to fees and specified living expenses up to a maximum of £17,500 per academic year (pro-rata for part-time students; partial funding is a possibility) and conditional upon the receipt of acceptable annual progress reports.  Please read the award's terms and conditions, which you can download by clicking hereFor more information please email info@radma.ltd.uk. 

Student Attendance at the R&D Management Conference

RADMA helps fund students to attend the R&D Management Conference. This award is usually administered by the Conference organiser. The award provides support to talented mid-study Masters and PhD students who are presenting a paper at the R&D Management Conference. Candidates must be undertaking a Masters or PhD within the research and development management discipline. For information on forthcoming conferences please click here. 

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