R&D Management Conferences

Future R&D Management Conferences: 

Call for Proposals

RADMA is inviting expressions of interest in hosting the Conference in future years, beginning in 2018.  Please email Kay Honeyford at: info@radma.ltd.uk for more information.

Students, please note, if you wish to apply for funding for the R&D Management Conference, you must do so via the conference organiser.   

2017:  2-5 July (preceded by Doctoral Workshop 1- 2 July) - University of Leuven, Belgium. Deadline for extended abstract submissions has been extended to 8 February 2017.  http://kuleuvencongres.be/rnd2017

Deadline for funding applications 14 March 2017.   


 2018 - to be advised.

Past R&D Management Conferences:

2016 - Cambridge, UK - From Science to Society, Innovation and Value Creation.  http://www.rnd2016.eng.cam.ac.uk

2015: Pisa, Italy - Connecting R&D.  http://www.rnd2015.sssup.it/.

2014: Stuttgart, Germany -Management of Applied R&D: Connecting high value solutions with future markets. (http://www.rndmanagementconference2014.org.)

2013: Manchester, UK -Skills for Future Innovation - Implications for R&D Management (www.rndmanagementconference2013.co.uk/)

2012: Grenoble, France - Creating and Capturing Value through R&D Management and Innovation (http://www.rndmanagement.info/)

2011: Norrkoping, Sweden -R&D, Sustainability & Innovation - the need for new ideas, initiatives and alliances (http://www.iei.liu.se/rnd2011?l=en)

2010: Manchester, UK - Information, Imagination & Intelligence in R&D Management (http://www.rndmanagement.info/THE R&D MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE 2010/Index - The R&D Management Conference 2010.htm)

2009: Vienna, Austria - The Reality of R&D and its Impact on Innovation

2008: Ottawa, Canada - Emerging and New Approaches to R&D Management

2007:  Bremen, Germany - Risk and Uncertainty in R&D Management

2006: Lake Windermere, UK - The Challenges and Opportunities of R&D Management - New Directions for Research

2005: Pisa, Italy - Organising R&D activities: a Balancing Act

2004: Taiwan - Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in R&D Management

2003: Manchester, UK - Implementing the Theories of R&D Management - Advancing the State of the Art

2002: Leuven, Belgium - Strategy, Policy & Performance: Impact of R&D Activities

2001: Wellington, New Zealand - Leveraging Research & Technology

2000: Manchester, UK - Wealth from Knowledge

1999: New Delhi, India  - R&D as a Business

1998: Avila, Spain - Technology Strategy & Strategic Alliances

1997: Manchester, UK - Managing R&D into the 21st Century

1996: Lausanne, Switzerland - Using IT Effectively in R&D Organisations

1996: Twente, Holland - Quality & R&D

1995: Pisa, Italy - Knowledge, Technology & Innovation Organisations

1995: Hyderabad, India - Entrepreneurship & R&D

1994: Manchester, UK - Managing Human Resources in R&D

1993: Zurich, Switzerland - Technology Assessment & Forecasting

1992: Manchester, UK - Managing R&D Internationally

1991: Kiel, Germany - External Acquisition of Technological Knowledge

1990: Manchester, UK - R&D, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

1989: Ghent, Belgium - R&D, Design & Manufacturing

1988: Manchester, UK - State of the Art in R&D Management

1987: Paris, France - The Strategic Management of Technology

1986: Manchester, UK - Management Development for Scientists & Technologists

1985: Manchester, UK - Managing R&D Effectively

1984: Manchester, UK - Knowledge Engineering & R&D

1983: Manchester, UK - The Management of Interdisciplinary Research

1981: Manchester, UK - International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research

1980: Manchester, UK - Industrial R&D Strategy & Management - A Challenge for the 1980's




















































































































































Latest News

  • 2017 ICE/IEEE Conference

    The 23rd International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation will be held in Madeira, Portugal, 27-29th June 2017.  Please click on the attached link: http://www.ice-conference.org/ for more details....

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  • Obituary - Professor Derrick Ball 1930-2017

    It is with regret that we announce the death of Derrick Ball, who was instrumental in RADMA's early organisation. Derrick was the UK’s first Professor of Research and Development Management at DeMontfort University in Leices...

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  • R&D Today Newsletter

    R&D Today encourages the sharing of ideas between practitioners and academics. Please click on this link to view the April newsletter: http://us14.campaign-archive1.com/?u=0159ccdbefaf019547d1aad73&id=fb2ffcaa18&e...

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  • 2017 R&D Management Conference

    The conference will be held at the KU Leuven Faculty of Social Sciences, Leuven, Belgium, 1-5 July 2017. Deadline for extended abstracts has been extended to 8 February 2017 - http://kuleuvencongres.be/rnd2017. Dead...

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  • XXVIII ISPIM Innovation Conference

    ISPIM announces its Innovation Conference to be held in Vienna, 18-21 June 2017 (Composing the Innovation Symphony.)  For more information, please see http://conference.ispim.org/...

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  • R&D Management Conference - call for proposals

    RADMA is inviting expressions of interest in hosting the Conference in future years, beginning in 2018.  Please email Kay Honeyford at: info@radma.ltd.uk for more information....

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  • RADMA Doctoral Studies Programme 2017

    The 2017 Doctoral Studies call is now closed. This award provides up to three years funding to prospective or mid-study PhD students attending a UK university. Please see the Funding page of this website for more details on h...

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  • MIoIR PhD Programme

    Manchester Institute of Innovation Research announces new PhD programme on Science, Technology and Innovation Policy. Please see website for more details: http://www.research.mbs.ac.uk/innovation....

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  • Postgraduate Student Conference Funding

    Deadline for the July 2017 review is 30th June. Please see the Funding page of this website for application forms, terms and conditions, etc.  See Research page for latest awards....

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  • Postgraduate Student Project Support Funding

    Deadline for the May review is 30th April. Please see the Funding page of this website for application forms, terms and conditions, etc.  See Research page for details of recent awards....

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Recent Funding Opportunities

Doctoral Studies Programme

Please note that the 2017 Doctoral Studies call is now closed.   This award provides up to three years funding to talented prospective or mid-study PhD students, offering an opportunity to concentrate on the studentship for the period of the award.  The expectation is that candidates will have a Masters degree in a relevant field or an excellent first degree or equivalent.  Candidates will be expected to complete yearly progress reports and to make a copy of their thesis available to RADMA upon its completion. To be eligible for funding candidates must be accepted for PhD study at a UK university.  Applications must be supported by the candidate’s PhD supervisor.  Awards will be granted to and administered through the institution, not individual candidates.  The award will cover costs related to fees and specified living expenses up to a maximum of £18,000 per academic year (pro-rata for part-time students; partial funding is a possibility) and conditional upon the receipt of acceptable annual progress reports.   Please read the award's terms and conditions, which you can download by clicking here. Please download the full funding call by clicking here. Please download the application form by clicking here. You will also need to download the application spreadsheet by clicking here.  For more information please email info@radma.ltd.uk. 

Student Attendance at the R&D Management Conference

RADMA helps fund students to attend the R&D Management Conference. This award is usually administered by the Conference organiser. The award provides support to talented mid-study Masters and PhD students who are presenting a paper at the R&D Management Conference. Candidates must be undertaking a Masters or PhD within the research and development management discipline. For information on forthcoming conferences please click here. 

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